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MPS WARNS! Psychotropic Drug Epidemic!

Montgomery Public School system has today warned all of its teachers about a psychotropic drug epidemic raging through area schools. Child safety is at risk as an alarming number of medicated students AND teachers expose the system to liability. Violence without provocation has been fueled by dis-inhibitors.

Psychotropic drugs are commonly sought after for depression, anxiety, and other emotional problems. While it is far easier for parents to medicate their children than to parent them, apparently it is also far easier for teachers to self-medicate than to address their own moral and spiritual condition. The high concentration of medicated students and teachers is dynamite one spark from disaster. One survey shows nearly half of all teachers self-medicating. The MPS has directed nurses to step up monitoring activities in a frantic attempt to limit potential liability should another incident occur.

Psychotropic drugs, the crutch that kills. Death List.

The cost in human terms is even greater-these drugs now kill an estimated 42,000 people every year and have fueled every media shooting spectacle from Columbine to Sandy Hook.

Before these drugs were introduced in the market, people who had these conditions would not have been given any drugs at all. So it is the branding of a disease and it is the branding of a drug for a treatment of a disease that did not exist before the industry made the disease.